Dhruva Historic Box Office Run continues


dhruva-historic-box-office‘Dhruva’ is a memorable film for Ram Charan in many ways. It’s the first Telugu movie to collect a share of over Rs 50 crore despite releasing in the month of December.

In Overseas, ‘Dhruva’ managed to have a longest run. Usually, Most of the Telugu Films won’t be in theaters after 2nd Weekend. But, ‘Dhruva’ is making its presence felt even in the 5th week.

Due to Hollywood New Releases for Christmas, This Ram Charan-starrer was removed from few locations. About 25 screens were added for ‘Dhruva’ post the weekend. The film will be screened at even more locations from this Friday. That’s the power of good cinema!

Trade Pundits expected ‘Dhruva’ to collect $1.3 Million at best. To their shock, It managed to gross $1.55 Million so far and making the US Distributors jump in joy (with escalation of share after crossing $1.5M). Full Run of ‘Dhruva’ will end only on January 10th.