Diandra Soares asks Katrina Kaif to ‘mature naturally’


Katrina-Kaif-to-mature-natuAfter Priyanka Chopra and Shruti Haasan got trolled on social media for allegedly going under the knife, ‘Jagga Jasoos’ actress Katrina Kaif is the latest to join the list of targets. No, she has not been trolled. Model-actress Diandra Soares noticed some changes in her face and suggested her to ‘mature naturally’. According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, it appeared that Katrina had some work done on her face, fillers probably, and was looking chubbier than usual at the recently held ‘Jagga Jasoos’ press conference.

While most of the brickbats have been through anonymous whispers, Diandra Soares was quick to call a spade when she saw one. Along with a picture of Katrina from the event, she shared: “Dear women, be proud of your age, be proud of your life experiences, be proud of your lines…let’s mature naturally…everybody is fighting a very natural process n messing with nature looking so damn strange in the process. Also, it’s not a hate post for Kat… I know her (n would even say this to her face) it’s just that I happened to see this pic n her interview n it got me thinking.”