Did NOTA Really Favour TRS?


NOTA is a movie completely laced with references to Tamil politics and the kind of recent events that took place in the state regarding the political paradigm shift. With the demise of two strong political leaders like Jayalalitha Amma and Karunanidhi Ayya, the state is in dire need of new style politics and political leaders.

But in Telugu states, KCR brought in such change in established order that either Congress or TDP should rule the state by bringing Telangana movement to the forefront and eventually dividing the one Telugu state into two.

Vijay Devarakonda always been a favourite of KCR family and a close ally to TRS. He said that he modeled himself around KTR as he likes the young next-in-command leader to KCR in TRS. He also said that he is not completely a political person but likes the works and ideas of KCR and KTR.

May be that’s the reason he suggested to use Musi river rejuvenation plan at the end of the movie as his motto for Covvum river plan in Tamil. KCR said that he will construct parks by saving Musi river before coming into Government.

Except for this nothing in the movie indicated to Telugu political state and situations. Even the way, he spoke and carried himself in the movie, there is no real sign that he tried to give a nod to KTR. Vijay just might have used his name for publicity.

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