Did Shankar Missed A Trick In 2.0?


Shankar is not just a simple commercial director. He is a visionary. He is the man who pushed South Indian directors to imagine bigger and better.

Had he not been the blockbuster director who works with VFX, scenes that convert emotions strongly on screen and popular trendy music, an SS Rajamouli could not have dared to make Eega and Baahubali.

Producers would have never known the potential market that Indian Cinema posses, if used wisely. He created sensations at box office with Indian/Bharatheeyudu, Jeans, Mudhalvan/Oke Okkadu, Shivaji, Anniyan/Aparichithudu, Enthiran/Robo. He rarely missed but his last movie I, has been a big disappointment in terms of content.

He decided to make 2.0, a sequel to Enthiran on a huge scale but the trailer released on Saturday made us wonder if the creative director lost himself in the grandeur and visuals.

We can see the effort of VFX artists in creating huge bird, flying cell phones, Chitti, 2.0, Amy but all this looked like a battle oriented film than a fun film like Enthiran. Even though he does play with big money, he is always known for giving enough content to back his larger than life imagination.

The trailer seems to be grand and visuals seems to be huge for budget of an Indian film but soul of Shankar films seems to be missing. We have to wait and see, if Shankar using this marketing strategy to bring in even the North Indians to theatres?!

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