Did They Scissor Kajal Scened In Editing?


If someone asks a question ‘How much value a heroine gets in Telugu cinema?’.. there is no need to answer the question because everybody is aware of the fact. When a biopic is made on the yesteryear actress Savitri in such a situation, it speaks volumes about her greatness. There are several cinematic angles in her life. Even after decades of her death, she is commanding the same admiration and respect.. the response to the Savitri biopic ‘Mahanati’ on the first show is an example of her image. That’s the magic of Savitri.

It is not possible for any Tollywood heroine to reach the level of Savitri in the Telugu film industry. Almost all the reviews of ‘Mahanati’ are positive till now. Another interesting aspect is that there is no divide talk for a Telugu movie. This credit goes to Savitri. Meanwhile, an interesting aspect regarding ‘Mahanati’ movie became a hot topic.

Some posters were out a few days ago revealing that Kajal Aggarwal acted in ‘Mahanati’. When the audience expressed their doubts on which character Kajal is playing in the film, the makers asked them to wait till movie release. Kajal appeared nowhere in the film when the curious audience tried to find her. They are surprised to know scissoring the scenes of a star heroine like Kajal. Whether Kajal’s scenes have been removed in the editing or intentionally removed from the film has become a hot topic now. Only ‘Mahanati’ team can answer this question.