I Didn’t Enjoy Spyder Experience: Rakul


Rakul-Preet-Singh‘Spyder’ was one of the most anticipated films of 2017 but it turned out to be a disaster at the box office giving a huge shock to Super Star Mahesh Babu fans. Even the common audience were utterly shocked with the result of the film.  It seems the lead heroine Rakul disappointed with the film too.

When she was asked about ‘Spyder’ in an interview recently, Rakul said that “I don’t want to speak about ‘Spyder’. Not because I’m embarrassed about its under-performance at the box office but it’s not the experience I enjoyed.  I did it for the pleasure of working with AR Murugadoss sir and I will do it again.  But I don’t want to say anything more about it.”

Surprisingly, some netizens are reminding Rakul that about her own statement at the pre-release event of ‘Spyder’.  She went on to say that it was a dream working with AR Murugadoss and Super Star Mahesh Babu for ‘Spyder’ and she was lucky to be part of the project.    But now, she is saying that she didn’t enjoy the ‘Spyder’ experience.   They are questioning why Rakul is contradicting her own statements?