Dil Raju Condition To Dhanush For Kaala


Super Star Rajinikanth’s latest film ‘Kaala’ is getting ready for the release on April 12. As the movie release date is nearing, makers have started the promotions with a powerful teaser. Though some people are criticising that it is a like ‘Kabali’ part 2, the reception of general audience is good. Ever since the teaser is released it has become one of the top trending videos on YouTube.

Considering Rajini’s superstardom and the teaser response, producer Dhanush should have got some exciting offers from the distributors but the reality is completely different. No Telugu distributor is running after Dhanush for bagging the rights. As Rajini’s previous outings turned out to huge disasters putting a big hole in the pockets of distributors, they are scared of buying the rights of ‘Kaala’for astronomical sums quoted by Dhanush.

The latest buzz from the film circles says that star producer Dil Raju is showing interest to bag the rights after the release of the teaser but only on one condition. If Dhanush agrees to compensate the losses in case the movie turns out to be a failure at the box office, Dil Raju is ready to take the risk. As Dhanush is not getting exciting offers, he is also getting ready to settle down with the Dil Raju offer agreeing to his condition.