Dil Raju In Love


Dil-Raju-In-LoveIn the past, we have seen numerous films which were titled after film stars, politicians and other celebrities. But, in a first ever feat, a low budget movie has been titled Dil Raju, with a tagline “Premalo Paddadu”. This is a rare gesture by a film’s unit to name its film after one of the most successful producers of Tollywood, Dil Raju.

Dil Raju – Premalo Paddadu has been directed by an upcoming filmmaker named Ambati Rajkumar. The film features relatively new star cast with Vishnu Priyan and Pooja Suhasini playing the hero and heroine’s roles respectively. The film also features supporting cast like Dhanraj, Sarika Ramachandra Rao, Chanti, Raghava etc.

Dil Raju – Premalo Paddadu has been produced by Vemula Swami and the film is getting ready for a release very soon. It will be interesting to see how the trade and film circles will receive this film, especially after its Dil Raju reference. In the recent past, there was a Siddharth film which was titled ‘Dil Raju – Dammunte Kaasko’ after Dil Raju, but the film is yet to hit the screens in Telugu even after a name change.