Dil Raju planning special shows for Mega hero


Subramanyam-for-saleMega fans has some promising hero in their mode again after watching Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham movie, Subramanyam for sale is the new movie from Sai dharam tej the mega hero and producer Dil Raju is leaving no stone unturned for promotions of this flick.

The movie is carrying a lot of positive buzz in the industry circles and the unit is super confident about the film’s success so Dil raju wants to grab the positive talk right from the morning session and he got special shows for this movie in Hyderabad prior to the release on September 24th. Benefit shows are being planned in Arjun theater Kukatpally as Dil Raju is insisting Mega fans to raise the hype for this movie in the early hours of 24th.