Dil Raju’s Special Love On Mehbooba


For the last few months, Puri Jagannadh has been devoting all his energies to his forthcoming movie ‘Mehbooba’. The film is an emotional love story of an Indian boy and a Pakistani girl. Mehbooba marks the silver screen comeback of Puri’s son Akash Puri after his debut film ‘Andhra Pori’.

In an exclusive update, Gulte has learned that star producer Dil Raju has watched Mehbooba recently and he was quite impressed with it. He immediately bought the film’s entire distribution rights. Dil Raju is planning a grand release for the movie on May 11.

Kannada actress Neha Shetty is making her debut in Tollywood with Mehbooba. The film also brings back the Puri Jagannadh and music director Sandeep Chowta’s combo after more than a decade. We will have to wait until summer to see if Puri will succeed in giving a solid hit for his son.