Dinosaurs rule the Box Office yet again


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Steven Spielberg’s ‘Jurrasic Park’ (1993) was All Time Biggest Grosser Worldwide until ‘Titanic’ directed by James Cameron took the Box Office by storm. Even after 22-Years, Dinosaurs still rule and it’s proven with ‘Jurassic World.

The last part of Dinosaur franchise ‘Jurassic Park III’ released more than a decade ago and hence Film Lovers were eager to know what the new installment is going to offer. What else can happen when people throng theaters in such huge numbers?

‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ fame Colin Trevorrow’s directorial venture ‘Jurrasic World’ shattered the records in the Opening Weekend with a mammoth $204.6 million in USA alone. It now stands only next to ‘The Avengers’ which emerged as the highest opener in the history ($207.4 million) after it hit the screens in 2012. The other records broken by ‘Jurrasic World’ were ‘Biggest Opening Day Ever’ ($82.8 million) and ‘All Time Biggest PG-13 Launch’.

In reality, Trade Circles never expected ‘Jurrasic World’ to have such a huge opening. All the predictions were in the range of $125 million to $135 million opening weekend. Craze for the ‘Jurassic Park’ franchise, Universal Pictures exceptional marketing strategy and Awesome Promotional Material (trailers, posters) have rewritten history.

Universal Pictures is yet to reveal its Global figures but initial reports suggest response have been overwhelming across all the 66 International territories.