Director Krish Excited About ‘Mega’ Hug


Krish-Excited-About-MegaTalented Krish is being heaped in showers of praises since “Kanche” has hit cinemas. Even a mighty star like Chiranjeevi can’t stop but appreciating his latest film. On this occasion, Krish shared why is he excited the other day.

My dad gave me a tight hug when I shared the news that Chiranjeevi garu invited me home to appreciate my film Kanche. He hasn’t felt so much happy when I made Vedam, but today when I got a call from Megastar, he’s upbeat”, says Krish, indicating how a ‘praise’ will give relief to any talented technician and their family. “I can’t forget the mega hug my father gave and also the praises showered by Chiranjeevi garu. Will save them as a sweet memory forever” he adds.

Earlier, Krish mentioned that he’s so worried about the caste system that is spoiling even the present generations. Probably he should make more films like Kanche to enlighten the audiences.

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