Director missed Gabbar singh 2 for Allu Arjun


pawan-and-allu-arjunWhen Pawan Kalyan had the idea of doing a sequel to Gabbar Singh, he called upon Harish Shankar to do the honors. However, Harish was busy with Ramayya Vastavayya at that time and also committed to do his next with Allu Arjun. Although Harish wanted to grab the opportunity he couldn’t due to prior commitments.

With Harish Shankar being unavailable, Pawan thought of various options and finally gave away the chance to Sampath Nandi. But Harish’s RV failed and Allu Arjun didn’t keep his promise. He rejected Harish Shankar’s storyline and moved on to work with Trivikram again. Now Harish is desperately looking for a suitable hero for his subject.

As per the grapevine, Sai Dharam Tej may star in Harish Shankar’s next. He would have been working on Gabbar Singh sequel now had he taken the opportunity given by Pawan Kalyan during that time. Gabbar Singh sequel will surely miss the special touch of Harish Shankar and the director himself missed out on a wonderful project.