Director Unhappy On Heroine Drinking Habits


Heroine-Drinking-HabitsHe is one of the most promising directors in South and she is definitely a talented actress who made a strong mark of her own in early career stages but lost the heat gradually owing to personal issues, unprofessional behavior. In fact, all her films released recently bombed big time.

At a time when everyone thought there’s no hope on her fortunes to revive, she received a call from this director and the shoot began. As per a grapevine, the director is completely upset with this Heroine’s attitude. She never arrived on sets on-time and by the time she puts on makeup it’s almost lunch.

As if this isn’t enough to demoralize entire team, the gorgeous looking Heroine these days is boozing on sets sitting alone in her caravan further damaging the work atmosphere. Whenever she comes out of caravan inebriated to shoot for a scene, other artists are automatically raising objection. Other than getting angry on this drunkard multi talented Heroine every day, there’s nothing much happening for director regarding the shoot.