Director’s Daughter Fumes At Drugs Scandal


Film industry slipped into huge shock with director Puri Jagan’s name surfacing in the Drug Scandal and Pavithra-Purimany celebs who hang around his office are also named in it, as per media reports. While Excise Department denied giving any names out to media, some celebs denied that they got reports while everyone collectively condemned that they are not into drugs.

While many chose to stay silent about the drugs thing even when their friend’s names surfaced, director Puri Jagan’s daughter responded in style on social media. Asking not to blame her father, Pavitra Puri says, “Just because my dad is a celebrity it doesn’t mean you can spread or believe in stupid rumours. He is a family person and before showing your finger at him, just think of his family and his reputation in the industry”.

Pavitra stated that she’s blaming those jobless people who are writing badly about her father. Speaking more about Puri Jagan, she added, “He is a person who keeps running behind his goals. Being a director his brain is his investment and future, so he will never spoil his career with these habits. Concluding with a big shout, she says, “MY DAD IS NOT INVOLVED IN DRUGS” and asked those who are trolling her to mind their words.

Earlier with reports coming out that Puri Jagan asked Excise officials to catch the really big fish rather running after him, the director tweeted, “I have not given any statement regarding anything n anyone till now.. very busy completing my film #PaisaVasool”