Director’s Daughter and Young Actress in an affair with Star Actor’s Son


Pranav-KalyaniThese days celebrities privacy are often at stake as each and every move of them is being noted keenly. Apart from that, when they post any content on the Social media, they are being analyzed and even they spread virally across the Internet.

In such a way, now famous director Priyadarshan’s daughter Kalyani has been entangled in a problem. If reports are to be trusted, Priyadarshan’s daughter Kalyani is in an affair with Mohanlal’s son Pranav. Already both of them were pretty good friends.

Even this news has gone viral across the social media and most of the Malayalam fans called them Made for each other. And despite the news went viral, Pranav released a selfie of them together and this concluded everyone’s reports.

But Kalyani rubbishes the rumours and said that she is not in love with anyone and she also said Pranav is just like her big brother. She also said he doesn’t know to hide anything and that is why he released the selfie. Kalyani is all set to make her debut with Akhil.