Director’s Repeated Calls To Heroine at Night


He is a top director and she is a young heroine who have bonded so well of late. The hot discussion in Tollywood right now is their cozy affair. While the director met her on the sets of his film and instantly connected to her, the duo has been having great time. And she has been getting good return favours from the director as well by casting her in his big-budget films.

The latest is that the heroine is doing another film and she attended the film’s promotional event which became late. In between, the director said to have called her number several times and been asking her to come back.

While she was at a public event, she couldn’t cut short it as she was not that big and she had to stay there till the event. Apparently, the director couldn’t wait long for her and sending repeated messages and making calls to her throughout the event.

Since industry circles are already abuzz with this hot affair, many at the event could easily predict from where she was getting the calls and texts repeatedly. Little birdie tells us that the director couldn’t leave her for a moment or so and is missing her badly whenever she goes out on her work. Hope the director should maintain little patience, at least, when she attends some filmy events.