When Dirty beauty skips the question of ‘hot show’


Vidya-BalanBollywood heroine Vidya Balan was like any other heroine until ‘Dirty Picture’ happened to her.  The biopic of Silk Smitha was a complete makeover for Vidya Balan. Audience were thrilled with her hot show in a sleazy role.  Aloing with the commercial success, it has fetched her

National Award for best actress that year.  Coming to the present, Vidya Balan is doing another crazy film Begam Jaan. Surprisingly Vidya is playing a brothel house owner role in this film, which is raising the curiosity levels.

As the ‘Madam’ of a brothel house, Vidya has to appear hot.  When she was asked the same question, Vidya replied that “Brothels are hot.. but there is no rule that brothel house organizers should be hot”. The surprised reported questioned her again that ‘Won’t there be hot
appeal in the film ?’  Vidya answered that “Don’t ask that.. it is a suspense for now”.

Irrespective of Vidya’s statements, there is a talk in the Bollywood circles that Vidya is going to appear hot again similar to the Dirty Picture.  Whatever be the case,  the curiosity levels are so high on the Begam Jaan.  The film is slated for release on April 14.  Srijit Mukherji is the director of this film. Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt are producing the film.