I am Disappointed that my S3x Scandal was Not Released


I-am-Disappointed-that-my-A few months back, the whole of Social media went on storm as all star actors and actresses privacy photos were leaked on the social media. Their nude photos and private photos went viral. Amala Paul was also one of the victims among it.

But even before her videos were released, Suchi’s Twitter account was deactivated. The Twitter account announced that a sex scandal of Amala Paul will be revealed soon and before that, the account was deactivated.

In this case, Amala Paul has shocked everyone by saying that she herself was disappointed that she couldn’t see her sex scandal video. She said she was waiting eagerly until Sunday to watch it and as the account was removed she felt so disappointed. It should be noted that the account revealed scandals of Trisha, Hansika, Anuya, Sanchita Shetty and few other top notch actresses.