Discussion About SV Template In Tollywood


srinuWhenever a big movie with lot of expectations begins to sink at the box office, it immediately leads to a lot of discussion and analysis among the cine buffs and film fraternity. That seems to be the case right now with the latest offering Bruce Lee. And whenever a movie flunks, the fingers point at the director.

True to that, discussion is now happening on the formula being used by director Srinu Vaitla. Some are saying it is about time Vaitla comes out of his old school routine wherein first half is busy with romance and some fights while the second half revolves around all characters at a home and someone especially Brahmi becoming the scapegoat.

Many feel if Vaitla doesn’t come out of that morose thought process, he would find it very tough to associate with the big league stars. Already, we have seen how Boyapati Srinu had to struggle for nearly two years after scoring a big flop in the form of Aagadu. Let us wish Vaitla changes his template in his next.