Why we Divorced? Wait for Autobiography: Renu


Renu Desai shared a lot of details about her Love Story, Life after divorce and Controversies during a popular talk show.

During her Modeling days, Renu used to question herself how did she became a Model inspite of not being able to attract Men. Nobody has proposed to her during that phase of her life.

The Former Actress claims love-at-first-sight happened to her when she watched Pawan Kalyan for the first time. ‘It’s only because of the trust I had in Pawan, I had been in a live-in relationship with him despite coming from a traditional family,’ she told.

When quizzed about the Divorce, Renu Desai said: ‘I have not accepted any alimony from Pawan Kalyan after divorce. We maintain cordial relations even after separation. There are no hard feelings at all! I will reveal the reason for our divorce in my autobiography, that’s when I grow old. Don’t want to share it now as it will lead to unnecessary controversies’.

Renu revealed that a fan of Pawan Kalyan threatened to chop off her second husband into pieces when Renu Desai questioned, ‘Why can’t Women marry again when Men can?’. Now, She promises to share her marriage picture on her social media handle whenever it might happen. ‘If I marry now, It’s not like Renu Desai but Kalyan’s Ex-Wife. So, I am very careful about the life partner I should choose. Nobody is approaching Me because of this factor. Sometimes, I get the doubt whether I would die without marrying,’ she expresses fear.