DJ, A Copy of ‘Brahmana’?


DJ-and-BrahmanaEver since the trailer of Allu Arjun’s DJ was unveiled, people have started competing with each other to prove from which film director Harish Shankar has lifted the story. While some say DJ is a mixture of ‘Adhurs’ and ‘Ramayya Vastavayya’, some others say the story is directly lifted from Upendra’s Kannada film ‘Shivam’, which was dubbed into Telugu as ‘Brahmana’.

Some people agree that one needs a high quality microscope to find freshness in the trailer of DJ. Is there anything new that we haven’t seen before? A seemingly innocent guy occasionally breaks into action mode and kills bad guys. At interval point, we learn that the guy is not so innocent as he has been projected till then. And, comes the emotional flashback, motive for revenge and highly predictable climax. How many Telugu movies have been made using this template in the past decade?

Does Harish Shankar really needs to copy this story from a Kannada film? Since the protagonist in Brahmana is also a Brahmin guy, the similarities between the two films are bound to be seen. It would be banal to say that most Kannada films are copied from Telugu films.

Harish Shankar seems to have chosen the template story of a well-packaged Telugu commercial film. He however succeeded in building hype by making the hero a Brahmin guy, choosing an instantly catchy title, roping in top-class technicians and added enough masala to appeal masses.