If DJ Is Fake, Who Got Original Collection?


DJ-100-CroresCurrently, an interesting discussion is going on in film circles about Allu Arjun’s latest release “DJ Duvvada Jagannadham” movie. As the makers have directly released posters all over with a caption, “100 Crores Gross In 7 Days”, there is an accusation that all these collections are fake. Social media is right now buzzing with Allu Arjun blasting for giving fake numbers.

Cut to facts, not just the producers, but both the distributors and popular trade-trackers who are considered to be very honest have shared similar numbers about DJ collections. If producers stated that DJ collected 50.60 crores ‘share’ from two Telugu states after a one-week run, trade trackers have stated that the number is 50.50 crores. Except that 10 lakhs difference, what is the major thing faked by Allu Arjun and Party here is not known.

In case if we have to find out what is a fake collection, what’s the mechanism available to find out such stuff? Only buyers, exhibitors, distributors and producers will know the true numbers but not any. And whatever they announce is going to be the final collection of a movie. This happens to be a business, so the final figures revealed by anyone can’t be cross-checked by outsiders. As a popular English daily other day published reports that the collections are fake, Allu Arjun fans are breathing fire at it.

“If DJ Duvvada Jagannadham collections are fake, then which movie’s collections are original and true?” they are asking. “It’s the same trade trackers who published collections of Baahubali, Khaidi No 150, Srimanthudu and Janatha Garage have announced collections of DJ too. Then how come they call it fake? This is media’s personal vendetta on Allu Arjun” some fans shared.

If the numbers are really inflated, then it is not good for the film industry. And if the vendetta is really happening, then it is not good for media. Integrity matters!!