Do You Know How 2067 Would Be?


The majority of the human beings on the globe are suffering from so many problems.  Some people don’t have food to eat.. some don’t have clean water to drink.. some people don’t have access to healthcare. The majority of these issues are economy related.  But there are some problems that will arise due to nature’s fury.   How are they going to be? A short film is made to explain future problems caused by nature’s fury due to man’s destruction of mother earth

The year is 2067.  People are killing each other for the sake of oxygen.  People have to buy oxygen in the form of packets just like we buy tooth paste, shampoos now.  It’s really surprising.   There is a dialogue in the film ‘We are going to see Oxygen companies which sell oxygen packets.  It’s going to be a big business involving crores of rupees. Only carbon will be free then.”  They went on to say that kidnaps will happen for oxygen. People will live wearing masks.

Jackie Bhagnani, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Prachi Desai have played important roles in this short film.  The title of this short film is ‘Carbon’.  The tagline is ‘A Story Of Tomorrow’.   The trailer has already been released and it has generated curiosity among the audience. Even some Bollywood stars have shown interest towards the short film.  The makers revealed that they are going to release the short film soon.