Does Dil Raju Crush Newbies?: RX 100 Hero


Theatrical Rights of ‘RX 100’ was sold out for Rs 3 crore and it went on to collect a share of over Rs 11 crore. Makers planned celebrations in Hyderabad on the eve of successful completion of 25 days run. Dil Raju arrived for the success meet as one of the guests. The speech delivered by Hero Karthikeya in his presence raised many eye-brows.

Karthikeya: “We have been trying to approach Dil Raju since the first event of ‘RX 100’. Finally, He arrived after the success of our movie. People scare newbies who enter the Industry with some rumours such as ‘In Industry, There will be 3-4 people like Dil Raju who is always there to crush you by denying theatres and support’. It’s not even 1 percent true! Along with Dil Raju, All the bigwigs in the Industry supported us. A week after ‘RX 100’ release, Dil Raju’s film ‘Lover’ hit the screens but he didn’t trouble us in any manner. That’s when I realized the thought process of bigwigs will be at an another level. They could have done anything using their influence but didn’t disturb our movie at all. If they have bad intentions, They wouldn’t have reached this level. So, Newbies shouldn’t believe such nonsense talk. If your film have good content, Everybody will be more than willing to support it”.

The Young Hero explained people might assume his comments are more like indirectly appealing Dil Raju to cast him in his movie. Then, Dil Raju got hold of the mike to say, ‘Already, You have said it…if there is talent, we ourselves will approach you’.

Karthikeya recalled the daring comments he made during ‘RX 100’ pre-release event. ‘While I promised to return money if people didn’t like the film, My Director told he would take care of cattle in his native place if the movie fails. I was scared before the release for speaking in such manner. I promised to 100 percent refund but people had given many crores for my Producer instead,’ he commented.