Donald Trump’s Tweet on Khaidi No 150


Realtor-turned-President Donald Trump placed a tweet speaking about Chiranjeevi’s greatness and his landmark 150th Movie.

Donald J.Trump (@realDonald Trump): ‘Just spoke to Chiranjeevi. Great person, Great Movie. Watching Kaidhi#150 with Melania and Ivanka. BOSS is Back’.

In reality, The Tweet was neither placed by US President-elect nor its from his official Twitter handle. While Mega Fans blame anti-fans for poking fun at Megastar, Others say Chiru Fans themselves has created it to show the range of ‘Khaidi No 150’.

As Sankranti releases have been doing well, Everybody have been having a good laugh upon knowing about this Tweet. Else, It could have end up hurting the feelings of many hardcore fans.