I don’t know what Pawanism means: RGV


ram-gopal-varmaClaiming that he is a big fan of Pawan Kalyan, Ram Gopal Varma has described the superstar as a dormant volcano who could erupt any time.  Apparently, he made these statements in the context of talking about Powerstar’s political mission.

Interestingly enough, RGV minced no words when he said that he doesn’t understand the meaning of Pawanism.  “While I have spoken on Ramuism for forty hours, I think Pawan Kalyan has not spoken on Pawanism for even four minutes,” he said.

In his style, RGV made a prophesy for Jana Sena Party without taking the party’s name.  “Pawan Kalyan will erupt (like an ‘agni parvatham’) in the 2019 polls,” he declared.  RGV awaits the release of ‘Vangaveeti’ tomorrow (Dec 23).