Don’t Make Pawan Kalyan Fans Terrorists


Pawan-and-Kathi-MaheshThis is the statement given by Kona Venkat supporting Pawan Kalyan and criticizing Mahesh Kathi for the way he is instigating the power star’s fans. There is no denying to the fact that, the more Mahesh Kathi is going harsh on Pawan, the star hero’s fans are getting more violent.

The war between Mahesh Kathi and fans is being encouraged by a section of the media which is bringing huge TRPs. Though Pawan Kalyan is maintaining a stoic silence on this, it doesn’t mean he is accepting all the allegations.

Kona Venkat video message read, “His silence is not acceptance.” Kona feels that things are going our of the hands as media is encouraging such unhealthy trends. The writer feels that such trends are making the fans behave like terrorists.

Who is responsible? There are a lot of families involved in film making and hence, making fun of a star hero and his fan following is rather crap opined Kona. He gave food for our brains to think with his message.