Don’t Send Kids To Arjun Reddy: Nagarjuna


Nagarjuna-About-Arjun-ReddyNagarjuna Akkineni, who used to be the patron of experimental films among senior heroes, said that he had been listening very good reports about ‘Arjun Reddy’, and that he is eager to watch the film.

When asked about the heavy usage of expletives in Arjun Reddy,  Nag said that Hindi film industry has been making bold-themed films and using expletives in them for a long time. He added that if a film contains objectionable content, then the Censor Board will itself not pass it.

‘No need to raise objections over an A rated film. One needs to understand that A rating is given for some adult content, and instead of going after the young filmmakers, who are trying to explore fresh narratives and bring a change in the film industry, children should be stopped from watching such films,’ Nag said.

‘In real life, people use cuss words in certain situations, then why show the double standard when the same is shown in a film. There is nothing wrong in using cuss words if the character demands,’ Nag said in an unfiltered manner.