Don’t Touch Pawan Kalyan Personal Side


Pawan-Kalyan-Personal-SideIn spite of huge controversy broke out on third marriage, pawan kalyan never spelt a word in reaction. The two ladies in his life Nandini and Renu Desai are now past because we are hearing on Power Star making a happy marital life with Russian lady Anna Lezhneva with two kids born. Meanwhile, no one has provided evidences on what is the response from Mega family on this big issue, here is the latest India Today edition in which their reporters seem to have tried to dig into it.

However, pawan kalyan nicely skipped the question unwilling to answer any questions pertaining to his personal and marital life. Reporter in interview tried his best to make Pawan indulge in marriage discussion but he failed so. ‘As marriage is my personal life, I cannot divulge any details regarding this,’ Pawan replied. So, do not brush on the personal side of pawan kalyan because you neither get an answer nor any concrete evidence to prove your gossips and speculations true.