Double Treat From Dazzling Beauties


Double-Treat-From-Dazzling-When a single sexy lady comes up with a beautiful pic in her Instagram, internet will go gaga over it.  What if she posts a selfie with another stunning beauty ? Bollywood beauty Sonam Kapoor recently posed for a selfie with another hot heroine Anushka Sharma.

Sonam has posted this selfie on her Instagram page.  Along with the stunning selfie, she wrote a quotation “If you are always trying to be normal, you`ll never know how amazing you can be – Maya Angelou”.  The selfie is a treat for her fans. As usual it was stunning cleavage show from Sonam Kapoor’s end.. and Anushka looked cool wearing a striped shirt with top two buttons unbuttoned.

When two gorgeous ladies come together for a selfie, it’ll surely set the internet on fire. The pic has gone viral in the social media now.  On the other hand, it has attracted nearly 250K likes in the Instagram.