Drishyam: 5 versions -Who’s the best actor?


Drishyam-best-actorDrishyam movie 5 five languages listWith the release of Hindi version of Drishyam, the original Malayalam film has now completed four official remakes. Different actors have played the role originally essayed by Mohan Lal. So has anyone come close to him or outdone him? The results are out, check out.

Among all the remakes clearly the Kannada and Telugu versions are the weakest, followed by the Hindi version. The actors who were part of these films had their moments for sure but none were anywhere near to the original act. Which then leaves us with one and only Kamal Haasan.

Among all the remakes if there is anything that is close to the original in terms of performance then it is the Kamal Haasan version. Incidentally this too was directed by original filmmaker. So he has extracted equally good performances from both the powerhouse talents. Critically it’s a tie, if one were to be strict nut Mohan Lal gets little edge being more subtle in his act.

That’s what we thought after watching all the versions. Which one you think was the best?