Drug Overdose Behind Musician Chakri’s Death?


Music-Director-ChakriWe have already heard a lot about the sensational Tollywood drugs scandal, and many links between drug supplier Kelvin and industry people. And now comes to focus is late Chakri, a renowned musician who began with Puri’s Bachi and also shot to name with the director’s next few films.

It is hard to believe Chakri’s involvement, but the Police learned about him after interrogating drug dealer Kelvin and also extracted some information pointing to the death of musician. Sources revealed that Chakri died after suffering from overdose of mood-changing drug LSD. Reportedly, Kelvin said to police – ‘Chakri and others always used to have party at Puri Jagannadh’s place and I was worried my name would pop out after his death.’ But, he was lucky at that time.

So far, several Tollywood names have emerged out and interrogation of film directors & artists has started, beginning with filmmaker Puri Jagannadh on Wednesday. All other Stars including Ravi Teja, Charmme and others are lined up for interrogation, as a special investigative team served notices to all of them.