When in Drugs case, Balayya gave moral support


Puri-Jagannadh,-BalayyaThe drugs case has created chaos in the Tollywood recently. The artist’s names who got involved in the case came out as a shock to the viewers. Especially the SIT officials troubled Puri Jagannadh and related family members a lot. The media also created a sensation about this. However, over time the audience is gradually forgetting about this issue.

While the investigations of the case were going on, so many artists felt sad. Mainly, Director Puri Jagannadh threw some sensational comments on Police and Media. During the entire time, the only industry person who stood by Puri is Nandamuri Balakrishna. The director himself stated this. While talking about NBK, ” While I was struck I the drugs case Balayya gave me a lot of moral support. He filled me up with courage.” Said, Puri.

Puri also stated that Balayya often listen’s Sr.NTR’s classic songs and on shooting days, Balayya wakes up at 4 in the morning and reached the set exactly at 6’o clock. Puri admired Balayya saying that NBK is ten times more energetic than any other young hero in the industry. The first movie which is coming in their combo Paisa Vasool is gearing up for its grand release on September 1st.