Drugs Case: Posani Fires!


Posani-krishna-muraliThe ongoing quizzing of film personalities by the SIT (Special Investigation Team) in drugs case has been the hot topic in film, political circles. Amidst this, industry seems to be separated into two – while a section is strongly supporting the people who have received notices and alleging that the SIT and Excise Department is unnecessarily targeting Tollywood, the other section in Tollywood is quashing those accusations and stating that the SIT deserve total right to investigate, interrogate film personalities.

Amidst this, actor,writer, director Posani Krishna Murali has taken a strong stand in favour of SIT and stated that the SIT has right to interrogate any citizen and citizens have responsibility to clarify whenever the Taskforce has any doubts on individuals and their actions.

Responding to director Ram Gopal Varma’s comments on Charmi and SIT where the director went onto describe Charmi as Jhansi Lakshmibai taking on the SIT, Posani strongly reacted and stated that SIT should take severe action against those who throw satires on it.

“Those who don’t know Jhansi Lakshmibai may speak so. Those who think that Lakshmibai is one who dances for the tune Yaire in Rangeela or a club dancer, one can’t help. I think SIT is not using its actual powers. If it uses, I think everybody will be in control,” said angry Posani in a TV interview. Posani’s remarks not only come as a befitting counter to Ram Gopal Varma but also indicated as strong comments against Charmi. It is learnt that Charmi, Puri are also upset with Posani’s severe remarks.