An easy formula for ‘success’!


Young-DirectorsSeveral Young directors have made their way into the Telugu Film Industry these days and they want to be as successful as possible by hook or crook. While, S.S.Rajamouli, Puri Jagannath, V.V.Vinayak are now seniors, they never depended on praising heroes and others at every possible occasion to gain opportunities.

But one young director, who is getting great opportunities devoid of success and failure, is said to be taking it upon him to make every actor realise how big they are, how great they are and also the technicians he likes to work with.

It is observed that at events and other public platforms this director will be waiting for a chance to praise someone and then he starts finding new ways to do so. Well, by this formula he will be in the good books of the actors and there will be a soft corner for him in their heart and also fans will be highly excited and would like to hear to him more and more. Waah! What a plan sirji!