“Eega” Sequel After “Bahubali”?


eega“Bahubali” is expected to be the top most flick from Rajamouli’s side. Soon after this venture, Rajamouli needs to come up with similar hyped venture to continue the success in Tollywood. He may choose a tested venture for this aspect.
As Rajamouli’s “Eega” achieved huge fame in South India, Rajamouli may turn towards the sequel of this flick to continue the success after “Bahubali”. Even after completion of a year after the release of “Eega”, this film is still getting awards from all over the world. This focuses a fact that Rajamouli has the scope to make a sequel for this venture.

More over, Rajamouli’s “Eega” has the scope to have a sequel. Rajamouli strategically ended the film to have a sequel. After the blockbuster success of “Bahubali”, Rajamouli may continue the sequel for “Eega” to run the success track. “Whom does Rajamouli choose for ‘Eega-2’?” is the hot topic in the industry. Stay tuned for more interesting updates.