Eesha Rebba Glamour Show In Promotions


Indraganti Mohan Krishna movies are known as clean entertainers.. we can watch them with entire family without any embarssment.   You can take any film from ‘Ashta Chemma’ to his recent film ‘Gentleman’.. there is no exposing of heroines in his film.  Any heroine will give her green signal to act in his films.

Indraganti is presently working on his latest film ‘Ami Tumi’.  This movie may not have the scope for heroines to appear glamorous.  But ‘Ami Tumi’ heroine Eesha is feasting so much glamour in the promotional programmes.  She has recently attended an event in an FM station.  She has appeared glamorously in the event.  She knows that FM radio listeners may not see her beauty but.. she did it for the photoshoots and video interviews.

Eesha has been eagerly waiting for a break in Tollywood and she has high hopes on ‘Ami Tumi’.  That’s the reason why she is giving glamour feast in the promotional activities of the film whether filmmakers asked her for the glamour show or not. Let us hope she gets much needed break with ‘Ami Tumi”.Eesha Rebba