An emotional tale of ‘Kalakeya’ Prabhakar!


Kalakeya-PrabhakarRajamouli has been credited by many actors for giving them life in the industry after a lot of struggle. He is the man who introduced Ajay in his films and changed his fortunes after casting him as ‘Titla’ in his Vikramarkudu. Similarly, he changed the life of Supreeth with his Chatrapathi by casting him in the role of ‘Katraj’. Adding to the list is ‘Kalakeya’ from Bahubali franchise, Prabhakar. Rajamouli, first introduced him in the character of Bairreddy in the movie, Maryadaramanna.

The role gave the actor humongous recognition in Telugu films and he also crossovered to other South languages. But his fortunes have completed changed after being cast as ‘Kalakeya’ Chakravarthy in Bahubali the Beginning. The actor addressed this matter recently in an interview and thanked Rajamouli and his family for giving him such fame and an opportunity when he knew nothing about acting. He shared an incident that made him even more emotional in gratitude towards his mentor.

One day when the actor was supposed to fly to a foreign location, he was stopped at Delhi airport as he was late for the passport checkup. He then requested them to allow him as he got late due to him being busy in a shooting. The officers resented only after he showed them the YouTube video of him in ‘Kalakeya’ avatar and they even took selfies with him. Telling this tale the actor got all emotional and to show the gratitude towards Rajamouli and his wife, he named his son Sri Ram Rajamouli. Isn’t it a beautiful tale?