English Film Dominates Telugu Box Office


There used to be days when Telugu people didn’t watch any English movie even if it got dubbed into Telugu language unless it had big pull like Titanic, Jurrasic Park.

But these days, even regular movies from Hollywood are making huge inroads into Telugu markets and the big movies are even dominating the box office.

December 14th saw Bhairavageetha, Husharu, Odiyan releasing in Telugu along with Spiderman into Spiderverse and Aquaman.

Aquaman also released as Samudraputhrudu in Telugu. The dubbed version and English version collections are higher than all other releases in Telugu.

This is huge leap for any English movie as no one knew this day would come our way. Bhairavageetha failed to secure an opening, Husharu has word of mouth but not any star value to add to it. Odiyan got bad Word of Mouth.

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