Enough With Gowns, Bring Me Short Skirts


Short-SkirtsCostumes of any heroine and anchor directly depend on what they want to wear but not what they stylist merely gives them. Once getting stardom, our heroines and anchors don’t wear whatever the outfit that is given to them.

However, some heroines like Tamanna want to do justice to their presence and there are times where they asked stylists to bring outfits that help flaunt hotness. A recently talk from the shooting spot of a TV show tells us how some top anchors do behave.

Actually, a lady stylist is working closely with a popular TV anchor. Though this anchor shot to fame for her glamorous looks, recently she has cut them down enormously. But with ratings for her dwindling, once again she wanted to go with the glamorous appeal. Before that, her stylist brought all those gowns and full-length dresses. At the spot, she’s said to have shouted, ”Enough with these gowns, brine some short skirts and short-dresses”.

The stylist got stunned and in no time arranged those skimpy revealing outfits for the anchor. This explains that the only weapon some celebs use for popularity is glamour and still they lecture about ethics.