Erojulli Hero Sri Open Fight With Producers!


Sri-Open-Fight-With-ProduceHero Sri who acquired good fame for his acting skills in Maruthi’s “Erojullo” is now facing problems from his new film makers. Sri starrer “Nari Nari Srimurari” is getting ready for release on Dec 13th but giving shock to everyone Sri saying that he doesn’t acted in the film. According to Sri, he has agreed to work under Sirisha Creations banner new film which is titled as “Devuda”, where the film has completed 15 days shooting almost 50 % shooting completed and producers said that they will info him later for next shooting once the finance for the film is acquired. But he did not get any response from filmmakers and even producer did not respond to his calls. Now the filmmakers renamed the film as “Nari Nari Srimurari” and releasing it on Dec 13th where some other person has competed dubbing for his character in the film. This news shocked Sri and he came to media to ensure that the film doesn’t affect his career. He added as he is not responsible with the film’s performance and asked buyers and those who are keen to buy satellite rights on his name take note of his statements. Let us wait and see how producers & director of “Nari Nari Srimurari” will react on this issue.