Even The Producers Are Ready..


After Bigg Boss show, because of the comments he made on Pawan Kalyan and controversies he created, the craze for Mahesh Katthi has also increased. Initially he tried to attract the haters of Pawan Kalyan and with the propaganda of media, he has increased his popularity. He has recently made a settlement with Pawan Kalyan fans and is now back as a movie critic.

As per the latest updates, Mahesh Katthi is all set to direct a movie which is going to be a sattire on current politics. In the past, Mahesh has helmed a kids movie titled as a Egise Taarajuvvalu and he is now going to comment on the politics. So many producers are coming forward to bankroll this project. In the past, heroes like NTR, ANR, Krishna has done some political movies and criticized the politics but none of the current star heroes are interested in such films.

But Mahesh Katti is planning to do this movie with a big Hero. A star producer has already stated that he will produce the film only if Mahesh Katthi succeeds in roping in a star hero. Mahesh Kathi is currently busy finalizing the script.

Interestingly, he is taking the criticism as the subject of the film. The analysts are claiming that whatever he talks about others by sitting in live in news channels is fine, but even though he wants to show the same points on the silver screens this censor will not allow it.