Even Tej Got Compromised


It is common for a film celebrity to have a huge fan base. But there are no strict rules about how a fan should be. Some openly appreciate their favourite celebrities and some stay silent. However there will be some violent fans as well.

Those violent fans will be seen especially in the Twitter live chats. Recently Mega Hero Sai Dharam Tej participated in a live chat with his fans. It is not possible for anyone to give reply to each and every tweet. So, this winner actor searched for different kind of questions and answered them. But a fan got angry when Tej failed to reply him. That fan described himself as fan of Pawan, Charan, Bunny and Sai Dharam Tej in his Twitter bio. This irritated fan commented that it’s his wish to give a reply or not and he is not interested to wait.. He added that he will remove the name of Sai Dharam Tej from his bio if he doesn’t reply to his comment.

When Tej asked when is he going to remove his name the bio, the fan who is still angry commented that Tej got his career best hit like Supreme only after adding his name in his bio. After reading his tweet, even Tej got compromised and simply kept some smileys as a reply. However, it is really funny to see a fan who is stealing the credit of his favorite actor’s hardwork.