Expect The Unexpected From Mahesh


Spyder-New-Poster1Mahesh Babu’s latest movie SPYder got delayed big time and shifted to a September release. In the wake of this development, the buzz around the film is not at a high, felt trade circles. Though it’s not logical to worry about the film’s low buzz as the release is not around the corner, here is an interesting snippet.

Director AR Murugadoss is known for his research on ‘social message’ related stuff all the time and he delivers it crystal clear through his films. It’s heard that even Mahesh Babu’s new movie will have a similar social message that revolves around ‘how every citizen in the country should actually feel like a soldier but not just like an audience’.

At the same time, visual effects work in the film is going to be top notch with some interesting car chases, theme park fight and the robotic spider machine stunning both with its intelligent feats and humour. While the look and feel remind many of that small car in Transformers movie, this spider along with Spy Mahesh is making some amazing feats.

Also, the music composed by Haris Jayaraj is said to have turned stunning like his previous Telugu compositions including Orange, Sainikudu and Munna, whose albums are sensational musical hits. It looks like we have to expect the unexpected from this movie of Telugu superstar.