Extra 40 minutes added to Arjun Reddy


40-minutes-added-to-Arjun-ReddyVijay Devarakonda who started off his career with super hit movie Pelli Choopulu, bagged another blockbuster movie Arjun Reddy which is still making enormous collections even after so many days of release. From audience to star celebrities, every one are showering director Sandeep Vanga with appreciation. The movie became a mile stone for the entire team with its trend-setting box office collections.

The run time of Arjun Reddy is 182 minutes which is higher than a regular movie. But as the movie became a hit, the film unit is planning to add some more scenes in the movie. Vijay Devarakonda stated that they are considering to add 15 minutes of deleted scenes to the film while talking in an interview with a reputed channel. But as per the reports, director Sandeep is planning to add the edited scenes of worth 40 minutes with the confidence that the audience will like it.

Despite long run times, the audience are watching the movies. They are even commenting that they should make the movies even more lengthy. We have seen movies which later added some scenes but this is the first time a director adding 40 minutes of content to the movie. However, we have to wait and see if the audience will watch the 222 minutes Arjun Reddy movie again or not.