Extra Scenes Added In Srimanthudu


Srimanthudu-Premier-Show-TiThere are certain scenes in the trailer of “Srimanthudu” that went missing in the main film. Especially the ones where Rajendra Prasad, Shruti Haasan and their whole village walks out of the village after Sasi grabs lands from them. But that’s not seen on silver screen. Don’t worry, you can catch it now when you go to theatres for second time.

Apparently director Koratala Siva has chopped out few scenes to make the movie’s length very crisp. Despite of all these efforts, the movie has still managed to get 2 hours 40 minutes runtime. As “Srimanthudu” scored a big hit now, it is heard that Mahesh Babu has advised Koratala Siva to add those chopped out scenes to the film again. Though the length of movie might shot up by 10 more minutes, giving this extra-kick will surely give a boost to collections.

Even during his debut film Mirchi, Koratala Siva added a rain fight sequence after the release of the movie. Looks like he’s gonna repeat same strategy now.