That Was My Only Failure: Sekhar Kammula


Sekhar-KammulaDirector Sekhar Kammula stole the hearts of Telugu audience with films like ‘Anand’.. ‘Godavari’.. ‘Happy Days’.  The expectations were drastically increased on Kammula after the blockbuster success of ‘Happy Days’.  But the next three films ‘Leader’.. ‘Life Is Beautiful’.. ‘Anamika’ disappointed the audience.  He bounced back in 2017 with a blockbuster ‘Fidaa’ again.

Surprisingly, Kammula is saying that except ‘Anamika’ no other films were failures.  He said that “Many people think that ‘Leader’.. ‘Life Is Beautiful’.. were not failures as many people think.  ‘Leader’ didn’t run well as we expected.. it was not a failure.  The collections were good.   The case of ‘Life Is Beautiful’ is also similar.  They didn’t meet the expectations. But I accept my failure for ‘Anamika’.  It was a remake.  It would have been better I had written the story.  Nobody knows when the movie released and it was out of theaters.  That’s my real failure.”

While speaking about his favourites in his career, he said “I feel great about ‘Dollar Dreams’ when I watch it even now.  I wonder how could I make that film wonderfully. There are now flaws in the film if we keep aside the dubbing part.”  He accepted that even ‘Anand’ has some flaws in dubbing.