Falaknuma Das Teaser: OMG…CUSS WORDS!


Vishwak Sen who shot to fame with ‘Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi’ not only played male lead but also turned director with ‘Falaknuma Das’. This is an official remake of Malayalam super hit ‘Angamaly Diaries’.

Backdrop has been changed from Cochin to Falaknuma, an area in Hyderabad Old City. What drew the attention is the liberal usage of expletives. No doubt, Censor Board will have to use many beefs while certifying this movie.

Gang Wars take centerstage in ‘Falaknuma Das’ which is based on the red-meat business in the Old City. Comedian Abhinav Gomatam is back to entertain yet again. Director Tharun Bhasckar plays Cop and uses cuss word without any hesitation. The intension seems to be conveying how the language spoken by people in the rural areas would be like.

Saloni Mishra, Harshita Gaur and Prashanthi Charuolingah played female leads. Vivek Sagar scored Music. Vidya Sagar handled Cinematography. Karate Raju bankrolled this project. Overall, ‘Falaknuma Das’ seems to be having the potential to be a Box Office winner.

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