Fans Should Ask PK About It Says Renu Desai


Renu Desai was on Instagram Live the other day. She asked every question raised by the fans on Social Media in her style. Here are few interesting ones�€�.

To the question if Pawan will attend her Second Marriage, Renu replied: ‘Fans should ask PK about it�€�He is also active on Social Media’.

When quizzed about Akira Nandan and Aadhya’s Future, Renu told: ‘kids are leading a happy life and they would focus on their studies. You needn’t worry about them as they have a big family to take care of them. I would be happy if fans take care of their children’s future’.

Akira Nandan congratulated Renu while she was on Live Chat. Renu felt very happy about it & reacted, ‘Thank You Baby, You Are My Life’.

A Fan asked if she would comeback if PK says let’s live together again, Renu opined those people who are asking such questions should be presented Bharat Ratna or Padma Bhushan.